Do You Need a Dust Shroud?

Diamond grinding is the fastest, best way to cut concrete. Whether you just started your own small concrete grinding and construction business or you’ve recently become a public works contractor for the government, choosing superior concrete-grinding tools will help you get your job done quickly and to your customers’ satisfaction.

However, choosing excellent cutting equipment is only part of the process. You also need quick, efficient and safe ways to clean the fine particles produced by concrete grinding — not only for your workers’ protection but also to keep your customers’ buildings clean and to keep your equipment functional for as long as possible.

This post answers questions about how you can keep concrete dust out of your lungs, out of your equipment and out of your customers’ air ducts with dust shrouds. After you read this blog, you should have a better idea of which type of equipment you should invest in, along with your diamond-cutting tool, and why such an investment pays for itself.

What Is a Dust Shroud?

Dust shrouds are pieces of equipment that attach your diamond-tipped angle grinder to a vacuum that sucks up some of the harmful dust that flies into the air when you grind concrete. As the name suggests, the dust shroud keeps the collected dust from flying out of the vacuum so you can remove the maximum amount of dust from the air and dispose of it safely.

Although dust shrouds are most often used for cutting concrete, they’re also used to cut materials like wood that, like concrete, release fine particles into the air. These particulates can damage lungs and coat equipment.

Why Should You Invest in a Dust Shroud?

While you can use an angle grinder without a dust shroud, you’ll invest a lot of time and resources into cleaning up the dust. Plus, the concrete dust particles you can see aren’t the most dangerous particles. The finest particles are invisible to the human eye, and a lifetime of breathing in these particles can lead to a condition called silicosis that inflames and scars the lungs.

Silicosis is a non-reversible condition, and the toll it takes on your health, peace of mind and quality of life is infinitely more costly than an upfront investment of a dust shroud at the start of your business.

Of course, there are other methods to reduce concrete dust in the air, such as performing wet cutting instead of dry cutting. However, wet grinding often takes more time than dry grinding, and you might not have the time, money or inclination to change your primary grinding process right now.

Finally, concrete dust can clog or damage your concrete grinding material over time. You may need to make more frequent repairs and replace your equipment more often if you fail to use a dust shroud.

Where Can You Find Dust Shrouds for Your Grinding Equipment?

Investing in a dust shroud now — especially if you’re just starting a grinding business or have grown frustrated with the toll dust takes on your older equipment — will pay off in the long run. Find a company that sells high-quality dust shrouds at an affordable price, as well as dust shrouds that will effectively seal any type of vacuum, no matter the ground.

And, of course, you should bear in mind that your dust shroud is only as good as the company that sells it. At Crozier Diamond Tools, we offer high-quality dust shrouds in various sizes to fit as many types, brands and sizes of angle grinders as possible. Plus, our dust shrouds are affordable. Get in touch by calling us at 1300 726 511.

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